About us

About us

Parts of America LLC is an appliance parts manufacturer and distributor focusing on bettering day-to-day life with superior quality products made by leading USA and Canadian manufacturers.

Parts of America LLC works towards innovative replacement solutions every day.

The Epitome Of Innovation
Despite Parts of America LLC’s broad experience spanning over many years, the company is extremely young and futuristic in its overall approach. By adapting the best qualities of both a mature and young company every day, Parts of America LLC gets one step closer to improving the efficiency and business methodologies to achieve the highest levels of customer service. Needless to say, top-notch support is always a given.

Staying Ahead Of The Curve
By producing and always stocking replacement parts for major appliance brands, Parts of America LLC caters to many people every day, including warehouses, technicians, distributors, retailers, and contractors. Every product on the catalog aims to add functionality and efficiency to the lives of all Parts of America LLC customers.

The Best Offers Under One Roof
Parts of America LLC’s mission is to provide the best quality appliance parts and solutions at the best possible price. By combing the best of the latest technology with competitive market rates, every product is delivered to the nines, thanks to the followed sophisticated delivery technology.

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